I'm a front-end developer building polished products and web experiences using modern tech stack. My expertise ranges from working independently to leading teams towards project success as a tech/team lead.

I'm also a Rust and functional programming aficionado fascinated by design of compilers and programming languages. Sometimes I write music, mostly drone-ambient, which is available for free on my Bandcamp and Spotify.

You can reach me via email.


I occasionally write about Rust, TypeScript, functional programming, and front-end stuff.


Some of my OSS projects.

  • sigma.ts
    TypeScript parser combinator library for building fast and convenient parsers
  • shikigami.ts
    Opinionated syntax highlighting with shiki for markdown-it
  • backpack.ts
    MessagePack implementation with back-referencing
  • rsx.rs
    Micro CLI for interactive execution of npm & yarn scripts
  • arx.rs
    Simple CLI for scaffolding projects from templates in a touch
  • diceware.rs
    Rust crate and CLI for generating Diceware passphrases

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